International Visit Request Form

The Global Relations Office is responsible for coordinating official visit requests from representatives of international universities, research organisations, sponsorship bodies and government offices.

Our aim is to identify the purpose of the visit and the expected outcomes, and to decide on an appropriate response to the request. To assist us with assessing your proposal, we would like information about the purpose of your visit.

Please complete the form at least 30 days prior to the date of your visit. This will enable us to organise a schedule that will meet your needs.

For your delegation to receive the maximum benefit from its visit, delegates should either have a working knowledge of English or be accompanied by an interpreter.

Please note that the submission of a request does not guarantee that RMIT University will be able to facilitate the visit. Due to the high volume of requests received, each visit will be carefully considered and not every visit can be accommodated.

Please inform us of any previous visits with RMIT, including purpose and outcome.

Please select the date you would like to visit RMIT. If you do not have an exact date, please indicate approximately when you are hoping to visit.
Please select the main discipline your visit relates to.
Including any translation and/or secretariat support.
Please include full names, titles and positions of each individual visitor (including any translation and/or secretariat support). Please indicate the head / most senior member of the delegation by writing their name at the top of the list.
Please indicate if your institution has a formal agreement/partnership with RMIT.
If you require a formal invitation letter, please include an attachment with the biodata of each member of the delegation (full name, gender, date of birth).
If you are not a formal partner of RMIT, please indicate any informal connections (if applicable).
Please note: maximum of one attachment.

RMIT University values privacy and is committed to handling personal, sensitive and health information in accordance with the RMIT University Privacy and Data Protection Policy and the privacy principles contained in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

The information you provide in this form will be kept securely and accessed only by staff for the purpose of University functions.
De-identified information may be used for improvement processes.

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